Linux DRM for HTML, PDF, Video, Audio and Images

DocProtect Linux

  Wrap Offline or Online HTML Files into Executable
  Wrap Offline or Online Video Files into Executable
  Wrap Offline or Online Audio Files into Executable
  Wrap Online PDF Files into Executable
  Wrap Images into an Offline Slide Show Executable
  Apply Optional Splash Screen with Text and URL
  Apply Contents Window to Navigate Multiple Files
  Add Computer Unique Password for Offline Activation
  Activate Serial Number Online with Safe Activation
  Add Trial, Try/Buy or Subscription with QuickLicense
  Bind Executable to a License Dongle with MakeDongle
  Distribute Unlimited Products, Royalty-Free

Protect and license training courses, research reports, exams, confidential information, reference guides, price lists, customer contacts, repair manuals, demonstration videos, games and eBooks.

Generate a licensed desktop application from your files with a few button clicks. Control how many computers can use your executable. Apply an offline, online or dongle based activation process with a Trial, Product, Try/Buy or Subscription license.

Download the free BuildAppImage tool to wrap your application into a single file. Users can be downloaded that file from your website for use on almost any 64-bit Linux desktop computer.

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HTML Files
    An HTML project with hundreds of files and folders can be compiled into a desktop application. Use the HTML5, CSS, Javascript and other web technologies to create a modern application.

    A browser window presents your contents without exposed URLs or the ability to view source files. You contol the window size, the ability to resize or maximize the window to fit the computer screen.

    The source files used to construct your application can be embedded within the executable or stored at a hidden location on a website.

    Click to build an executable that presents one or more PDF files for viewing. The PDF files reside at a hidden location on a website.

    If multiple PDFs are included, a Contents window is presented to select a specific item for viewing. The user can navigate, view and zoom in and out of the PDF without direct access or the ability to save or print the file.

    Build an executable that presents one or more videos. Many video formats are supported including mp4, webm, 3gp, flv and ogv. The video files can be embedded within the executable or stored at a hidden location on a website.

    The video player can be assigned a fixed width and height or allow the user to resize or maximize the window. The user can Play, Stop or Position the video. Mute or change the volume as desired. The video cannot be saved or shared with others if licensed to a specific computer.

    Build an executable that plays one or more audio files. Many audio formats are supported including mp3, ogg, m4a, acc, webm and wav. The audio files can be embedded within the executable or stored at a hidden location on a website.

    If multiple sound files are included, the user can click on the item to play. A simple Sound control window allows the user to Play, Stop or change the volume.

    Select a folder of numbered JPG images and click Build to create a professional Slideshow. The user can click left or right through the sequence of titled images or click to a specific spot in the presentation.

    Set the viewing window width and height. The user can run the Slideshow without Internet access or the ability to extract or share the original images with other unlicensed users or computers.

Splash Screen
    Present an optional Splash screen on each launch of your executable. Control the size and duration of the splash screen.

    Include optional text or even a URL the user can click to visit a page on your website using their default browser.

Unique Password Protection
    Apply a computer specific password and distribute the same protected document by CD or download to all customers. On first open of your document, the user is presented with a dialog requesting a specific password by number. Enter the password number into DocProtect to generate the required password.

    Link your protected document to an automated password server like Safe Activation. The user enters the Serial Number provided during purchase. The password server controls how many computers can run your software based on the Serial Number.

QuickLicense Integration
    QuickLicense can be used with DocProtect to add more license types, features and language customization. Create Trial, Product, Subscription or Floating licenses. The same executable can be used during a trial process and then activated as a perpetual product or subscription.

    Automate the evaluation, purchase and activation process. A vendor can block an activated license before issuing a refund or allow a customer to securely move a license between computers. Create a group license to protect multiple documents with one activation or a subscription service.

System Requirements:

DocProtect Linux generated executables run on most 64-bit distributions.

  • Linux Mint 16 or later
  • CentOS 7.0 or later
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or later
  • Debian 6.0 or later
  • OpenSUSE 11.3 or later
  • Fedora 13 Desktop or later
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