Package a Desktop App for any Linux Distribution


  Package Once and Run Everywhere
  Single Downloadable Application File
  Distribute from Your Website
  Click Build to Create or Update your App

  Distribute Free or Licensed Applications
  Users can Download and Run in seconds.
  Store a Record to Rebuild up to 200 Apps.
  AppImage is Free, Open Source Technology
    Need to package your Desktop App for any Linux distribution?

    From any Linux distribution, a user can simply download your App, set the Execute checkbox in Properties, then double-click to run your application.

    That was easy!

System Requirements:

    BuildAppImage runs on most 64-Bit Linux OS distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora, CentOS and Linux Mint on an x86 computer architecture.

    BuildAppImage is free to download. Right click to show Properties dialog, then set Execute checkbox. Store BuildAppImage anywhere on your computer and simply double-click to launch.

    Click to Play
    Use BuildAppImage for free applications or together with QuickLicenseRT Linux to distribute licensed applications using the QuickLicense API or LinuxWrap tool.

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