DRM for Microsoft Access

    Use QuickLicense to protect and license applications created with Microsoft Access. Define your license with QuickLicense and use the included AddLicense wrapping tool to build the protected application. Distribute your EXE file with computer unique activation.

    Use an offline Activation Code, online Serial Number activation or bind the application to a USB Dongle generated with MakeDongle.


    Your Access file can be protected using one of three Access Protection Methods.

    Here is the typical development process.

    1. Save from Access as Password Encrypted ACCDE.
    2. Define license and generate Ticket file.
    3. Select ACCDE, Ticket and custom icon in AddLicense.
    4. Enter password and customize user interface.
    5. Generate protected EXE for distribution.
    Your protected EXE can use a variety of license types. You control how many computers can be activated, how the license and activation process works and how your product is sold and distributed.

    Once activated your application can launch directly into Access or present a custom user interface for interacting with multiple instances of your Access database. Show or hide buttons in the Open Data File window.

    QuickLicense Pro

    Use QuickLicense Pro to customize the window title, each button name or runtime dialogs with any text or human language. It can also generate a 64-bit EXE for 64-bit MS Access.

Open Data File Window Buttons
    New - Make a named copy of original access file.

    Clone - Clone and name selected data file containing user data.

    Rename - Rename a selected data file.

    Delete - Delete a selected data file.

    Export - Prompt a user for location to save a data file.

    Import - Prompt a user for data file to add to data file list.

    Update - Update original data file with a newer version from vendor website with no typing or install required.

    Notes - Present a page from vendor website in default browser.

    Share - Share files on network between licensed computers.

    Open - Open the selected data file.

    Quit - Quit application without presenting a data file.

Companion Products:

    Click Here to Order For a demonstration, see the Protect and License MS Access App and License Access App with QuickLicense API videos.

    Users must set Enable All Macros in the Trust Center of Microsoft Access 2007 or later. Your app runs on Windows 7 to 10.