QuickLicense Standard & Pro Editions

Time (Local Clock or Internet Based) or Execution Limited Trial License
Change Expiration Time of Active Licenses with Customer Specific Expiration Codes
Computer Specific License with Offline or Online Activation
Name or Organization Specific License
Dynamic, Floating or Internet Dependent License
Software Subscriptions Based on Calendar Period or Activation Date
Custom Activation Dialog with Field Validation
License Reset, Release & Restore, License Block, Suspend and Notification
AddLicense Protection without Programming (Wrap Application with License)
Works Standalone or with Safe Activation, Desktop License Server or WebActivation
Works with OfficeProtect, Max MSP, Unity or LicenseSupport
Works with DocProtect, ClickInstall, QLRT Xcode or QuickLicense Server
Configurable Delayed Activation Time and Pre-Activation Message
Embed Data in Executable with AddLicense
Standard Programming Command to Activate License with Royalty-Free Runtime
Generate Mac App for Mac Excel 2016+ (requires OfficeProtect)
Generate 64-bit EXE for 32 or 64-bit Excel (requires OfficeProtect)
Generate EXE from Excel workbook with Secure Launch (requires OfficeProtect)
Generate Win 32-bit or 64-bit EXE from 32-bit or 64-bit ACCDE (Microsoft Access)
Generate x86 64-bit, ARM 64-bit and Universal APPs with AddLicense MacOS
Generate 32-bit or 64-bit EXE with AddLicense Windows Wrapping Tool
Windows 32-bit EXE & DLL API Runtime Files (Includes 32-bit SendMessage Test Tool)
Windows 64-bit EXE & DLL API Runtime Files (Includes 32 and 64-bit SendMessage Test Tools)
Wrap 1GB+ Apps (Unity3D and MAX MSP) with AddLicense Compression
API Commands for License, Read/Write Ticket Data, Activation Server or any Website
LicenseSupport API commands from Wrapped App or App Using API (requires LicenseSupport)
Run QuickLicense API Commands from any AddLicense Wrapped Application
Dual Try/Buy and Student/Teacher Licenses from API without Additional Programming
QuickValidate for Plugins, Multi-Threaded Software and Complex Environments
Custom Text of Runtime Dialogs, Error Messages and Dialog Suppression
Web Form Generator for Semi-Automated Activation
Customer Records with Groups, Import/Export and Template Driven Batch Email
InApp Credit Card or Paypal Payments
Feedback System from Open Data File window for Excel, Access or ExcelRT
Automated Updates - Companion Product using QuickLicense 10 and Safe Activation 3