Protect MAX Applications

Protect and License MAX applications

MAX is an interactive graphical programming environment from Cycling 74.

To monetize an application built with MAX MSP, a source code protection tool with computer specific activation is used.

Protect Mac or Windows applications with AppProtect or QuickLicense. Ensure that only paid users can run the application.

Learn more about the tools available for MAX developers:


ClickInstall makes it easy to create a professional, Code Signed software installer for your MAX application. Simplify the user experience and satisfy OS security.

Notarize your Mac software with Apple for macOS Catalina in minutes.
AppProtect AppProtect

    Wrap a MAX application with a license that presents a computer specific Enter Password or Enter Serial Number dialog. On Windows, embed resource files into the EXE. Learn more...

QuickLicense QuickLicense

    QuickLicense protects your MAX applications with a wide range of licensing features. Apply a Product, Trial, Try/Buy or Subscription license. Learn more...

MAX Encryptor

MAX Encryptor

    MAX Encryptor hides the source code from hackers whether its delivered as an external file or compiled directly into the EXE.

    MAX Encryptor for Windows is optionally used in conjunction with AppProtect or QuickLicense to add additional protection. The encryption is already built into the Mac edition of AppProtect and QuickLicense.

Offline or Online Activation

    With AppProtect or QuickLicense alone, protect and activate your MAX application on each computer by giving the customer a unique code that only works on their machine.

    Automate an online activation process with a Serial Number given to the customer at the time of purchase using the Safe Activation service. Alternatively, host an activation server on your own website using Desktop License Server or WebActivation.

    Do you want to accept customer orders online with a payment processor, shopping cart or automated email delivery of purchased Serial Numbers?

    Contact Excel Software to learn how vendors worldwide use Safe Activation to automate each step of the process and reduce the human effort to sell, activate and manage licenses.

    Learn more with the Protect MAX Application paper.