Excel Workbook Protection

Secure Launch

    The Secure Launch approach wraps your Excel workbook (XLSM or XLSB) into a Windows EXE or macOS APP file. It is functionally similar to Encrypted XLSM with security, performance and developer/user flexibility advantages.

    Workbooks are stored in the Data Folder as XLSM or XLSB files with a secure, 256-bit encrypted Open password. The App silently applies the password during the secure launch process. A user can only open a workbook from the licensed App.

Primary Benefits:

  • Faster, Streamlined Excel Open and Save Process
  • Easier End-User Setup and Support
  • App can Open Multiple Workbooks Concurrently
  • App Requires Non-Exclusive use of Excel
  • Retain User Saved Workbooks if Licensing Changes
Other Differences:

  • Simplified Setup for Workbooks with Existing VBA
  • Relaunch App to Present Open Data File Window Again
  • Runtime Commands are Not Directly Supported
  • App Hides Excel Menus and Ribbon on Windows
  • Use the ExcelEdit tool to show the Ribbon
  • Requires QuickLicense Pro 9.2 and OfficeProtect 5.0 or later
  • User Requires Windows Excel 2016 or Mac Excel 2016 or later
Excel Workbook Protected with Secure Launch