Excel Workbook Protection

Secure Launch

    The Secure Launch approach wraps your Excel workbook (XLSM or XLSB) into a Windows EXE or macOS APP file. It is functionally similar to Encrypted XLSM with some security and performance advantages.

    Workbooks are stored in the Data Folder as XLSM or XLSB files with a secure, 256-bit encrypted Open password. The App silently applies the password during the secure launch process. A user can only open a workbook from the licensed App.

Primary Benefits:

  • Faster, Streamlined Excel Open and Save Process
  • Easier End-User Setup and Support
  • App can Open Multiple Workbooks Concurrently
  • App Requires Non-Exclusive use of Excel
  • Retain User Saved Workbooks if Licensing Changes
Other Differences:

  • Simplified Setup for Workbooks with Existing VBA
  • Relaunch App to Present Open Data File Window Again
  • Runtime Commands are Not Directly Supported
  • App Hides Excel Menus and Ribbon on Windows
  • Use the ExcelEdit tool to show the Ribbon
  • Requires QuickLicense Pro 9.1.1 plus OfficeProtect 5.0
  • User Requires Windows Excel 2010+, 2016+ Recommended
  • User Requires Mac Excel 2016+