New in QuickLicense 3.0

    New QuickLicense and AddLicense enhancements reduce development time and empower the developer to customize the user experience.

    An activated software license can be securely blocked before issuing a refund or transferring a license between computers. Block and unblock codes are unique to each computer activation.

    The QuickLicense API includes a secure method to block or unblock a license. The Block and Unblock feature is automatically included in AddLicense protected applications.

Paid Feature Control

    Use the QuickLicense API to enable or disable features of an application. A vendor can sell additional features that can be enabled in an activated license by entering a unique password.
Make Web Page

    QuickLicense can generate an HTML page that presents a customized Activation Request form on your web site. Select the fields to collect, add your own text and logo, then generate the files that can be directly uploaded to your web site.

    The web page collects customer entered data and emails it to you using the generated PHP script. From QuickLicense, import the data, generate an Activation Code and email it to the customer without typing. This semi-automated activation process requires no programming.

Custom Text

    Custom text files can be created to replace the title, text and button strings of runtime dialogs for QuickLicense or AddLicense. The user interface can be customized for different users or languages.

    Customize all return messages from an AddLicense wrapped application.

Try/Buy Applications

    Generate a Try/Buy edition of any application with AddLicense. Use QuickLicense to configure Trial and Product tickets, then protect your application without programming.

    AddLicense has been enhanced to support applications that depend on external files and folders including Director generated multi-media content.