New in QuickLicense 9.2

Secure Launch  Vendor Key

Wrap an Excel workbook into an EXE for Windows or APP for macOS with Secure Launch.

Only licensed computers can open protected workbooks. Launch directly into the Excel workbook or present the Open Data File window.

Use ClickInstall to build an installer for your macOS or Windows App. Assign a Vendor Key to the user computer during the install process.

For added security, your licensed App can require the computer to have an assigned Vendor Key.

High Resolution  Multiple Binaries

Windows 4K and macOS Retina monitors have become common.

High DPI runtime controls like dialogs, buttons and messages provide a crisp user experience.

On Windows, support 32 and 64 bit executables with wrapped Apps or API commands.

On macOS, run native with Intel 64, ARM 64 or Universal binaries.

Compression  SSL

Wrap huge Unity3D or MAX MSP apps with embedded files into a compressed, licensed application.

Your smaller application is protected, quicker to download and launches faster.


For security, many Internet sites have upgrade communication protocols and now require SSL.

Ensure your runtime software stays current with the modern Internet.