Add a File Manager to Your App

Open Data File

    Use QuickLicense and OfficeProtect to apply a computer unique license to a protected Excel Workbook. The optional Open Data File window is available for Excel workbook, MS Access or ExcelRT projects.

    Deliver your product as a protected application (EXE on Windows or APP on Mac) with any QuickLicense generated license.

    Present and customize an elegant user interface with a control panel of buttons to simplify the user experience and reduce support cost. The user creates named copies of your original workbook that are added to the list and can be opened into Microsoft Excel, Access or ExcelRT to edit data.

    The Open Data File window presents the user interface for a folder of encrypted files managed and stored on the computer. Files can be shared and used on other licensed computers.

  • New - Make a named copy of original data file.

  • Clone - Clone and name selected file containing user data.

  • Rename - Rename a selected data file.

  • Delete - Delete a selected data file.

  • Export - Prompt a user for location to save a data file.

  • Import - Prompt a user for data file to add to data file list.

  • Update - Update original data file with a new version from vendor website with one click.

  • Notes - Present a page from vendor website in default browser.

  • Share - Share files on network between licensed computers.

  • Open - Open the selected data file.

  • Quit - Quit application without presenting a data file.

Add powerful organizational features like Find, Sort and Folders.