Store and Move Files Between Folders

Organizational Features

    If a user creates dozens or hundreds of files containing unique data, it becomes difficult to quickly locate a specific file in a simple list.

    Enable organizational folders and allow the user to create their own folder names. Files are listed for the folder selected at the top of the list. Select a file to move it to another folder.

  • Folders - Present a dialog to add, remove or edit a list of folders.

  • Move - Move a selected file to a selected folder.

  • Sort - Sort files by Name or creation Date.

  • Find - Find a file name containing search text.

  • Help - Present a custom HTML formatted help screen.

Microsoft OneDrive

    The Open Data File interface window works great with Microsoft OneDrive. Click the Share button to select your OneDrive folder and now all of your files are backed up in the Cloud.

Data File Folders

    The Folders button presents a dialog where the user can define a list of folder names used to organize files. A folder can be selected from a popup menu above the file list.

    View files in a specific folder or move files between folders.

Add advanced features like Purchase, Feedback and Settings buttons.