New in QuickLicense 6.0

Windows 32 & 64-bit Runtimes  Mac Cocoa Runtime

The Windows runtime is available as a 32 or 64-bit EXE or DLL.

New interface methods make it easier to use API from any development environment.


The Mac Cocoa runtime alternative packs the same licensing features, new interface methods and more speed into a tiny file.

Runs on 10.6 or later at just 6% of predecessor's size.

Change Expiration Time  Custom User Experience

Change expiration date of timed license on customer computer with unique Expiration Code. Base timed licenses by days, hours or minutes on computer or global Internet time.


Customize the user experience with Unicode enabled runtime dialogs that support any human language. Control the dialogs shown and text presented.

Embed Application Data  More Protection Layers

AddLicense allows a developer to embed static runtime files into EXE or nest Mac data files in application until activation. Protected apps work with 3rd Party code signing tools.


AddLicense offers multiple layers of added protection against hackers. Customize that protection to fit the size and characteristics of your application.

32, 64 and FAT 32/64 Bit EXEs  Manage Purchased Software Licenses

Build a 32 or 64-bit Protected EXE with AddLicense.

Generate a single Fat 32/64-bit EXE that runs native speed on any 32 or 64-bit Windows computer.


Manage purchased application licenses with License Metering from AddLicense.

Use QuickLicense Server or Safe Activation to manage floating licenses.