New in QuickLicense 4.0

    QuickLicense 4 adds new license types, more automated activations, new programming methods, SendMessage and AddLicense enhancements, a runtime License Options dialog, Safe Activation Service 2 integration and step-by-step recipes for popular licenses.


    A protected application on an Internet connected computer can be activated from a vendor configured dialog without a browser. Customer data is sent to Safe Activation and the retrieved Activation Code is instantly applied.

Safe Activation Integration

    QuickLicense and Safe Activation Service 2 now support many server centric features.

    These advanced features include dynamic and floating licenses, automated software subscriptions and feature delivery, shopping cart access, notifications, plus license release, restore, suspend and reset.

License Options

    New runtime options can be added to a protected application by setting checkboxes on the License Options dialog.

    To present the runtime License Options dialog, the user holds down the Shift and OS keys when starting the protected application. Some options require Safe Activation Service 2.

Message Encryption

    For added security, Request Message and Response Message strings exchanged between an application and QuickLicenseRT can now be encrypted.

    Encrypted messages use a defined algorithm with vendor specific key.

SendMessage and API

    The API adds programming methods to read and write field data in a Ticket, get a snapshot of computer characteristics, communicate with Safe Activation, customize the activation process, etc.

    The new API chapter in the User Guide and enhanced SendMessage tool make it easier to learn and implement highly customized licensing solutions.

Step-By-Step Recipes

    The User Guide adds 23 step-by-step recipes to configure QuickLicense and Safe Activation to implement popular license types.

    Recipes include "Create a 10-Day Trial Edition", "Create Product License", "Release and Restore License" and "Floating License".