Protect & License LiveCode Apps


LiveCode is programming environment to create standalone Apps for many OS environments.

To monetize an application built with LiveCode, a protection and licensing tool with computer specific activation is used.

Ensure that only authorized users can run your App.

With a one time purchase of protection and licensing software, you can protect any number of applications. Distribute to unlimited customers using a manual activation process.

To automate the activation process with a Serial Number, you have three choices:

ClickInstall makes it easy to create a professional, Code Signed software installer for your Mac or Windows application.

Simplify the user experience and satisfy OS security. Notarize your installer for macOS Catalina or Big Sur.

There are several solutions to protect and license a LiveCode App that runs on Mac or Windows computers. Ensure that your App can only be run on authorized computers with a Trial, Product, Try/Buy or Subscription license.

Use AppProtect

    AppProtect for Mac or Windows can apply a license to your App without programming. Associated files and folders can be wrapped into the protected EXE. On Mac, the wrapping process generates an APP file.

    AppProtect can only create a protected Product license. You can manually provide a computer unique password by phone or email or automate an online activation process with a Serial Number.

    AppProtect supports no trial or subscription license or other advanced licensing features included in QuickLicense.

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    LiveCode AppProtect

QuickLicense - AddLicense Wrapping

    Use QuickLicense on Mac or Windows to define your license. AddLicense is included to apply a license to your App with no programming required.

    QuickLicense can configure many license types (trial, product, subscription) and use different activation processes (offline manual activation, online Serial Number activation or USB dongle activation using MakeDongle).

    Give your customer the ability to securely move a licensed App between computers. Manage a subscription, suspend a license or enable new features within your App from your Safe Activation account.

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    LiveCode QuickLicense

QuickLicense - API

    Insert a few lines of script into your LiveCode App to call the QuickLicense runtime software directly and bind it to a configured license. This approach provides more flexibility with no wrapping process involved.

    LiveCodeQL provides code and instructions to use the QuickLicense API from any LiveCode App. Developers with QuickLicense 9 can request a free download of LiveCodeQL for Mac or Windows.