New in QuickLicense 10

Multiple User License  License Software without GUI

Control how many concurrent user accounta can run your software on one computer.

Implement Active or Registered user licensing on a network server or cloud service like Azure, AWS or GCP with virtual machines.


License software running on a computer without a graphic user interface. Suppress user entry and confirmation dialogs.

Your software can send licensing commands through the clipboard, text file or a shell command.

Daily Reset Code  Runtime Enhancements

Generate a Daily Reset Code for licensed software from QuickLicense that is valid for one day. A computer specific Request Number from the customer is not required to reset a license.

Use Safe Activation from anywhere to generate Daily Reset Codes.


Runtime commands can read or modify the allowed user count, expiration date or execution count of a license.

Mac, Windows and Linux runtime, library and plugin files support QuickLicense 10 API commands.