How to Protect Software

    When selling software as a commercial product, vendors use a software protection and activation system to prevent software piracy. Follow these three steps to easily protect and license any Mac or Windows software with little or no programming.
Configure License

A software license can be a time or execution limited Trial, a perpetual Product, a monthly or annual Subscription or a Floating license. The same software is often sold with different licenses to different users (evaluators, students, teachers, commercial users). Use QuickLicense to configure the license restrictions, options, activation system and customer data gathering process.

Protect Software

Software is protected by linking it to a specific computer at the time of activation. Once activated, the protected software will only run on that computer and its usage is controlled by the configured license restrictions. To protect the software, either add a few lines of source code to call the QuickLicense runtime from within the application or use the AddLicense tool to wrap the license around a compiled executable.

Activate License

Software can be activated in many ways. A trial license can auto-activate on first launch with no user interaction. For low volume products, a vendor can provide a computer specific Activation Code by phone, email or through a web page.

For a fully automated activation process, the vendor provides a Serial Number to the customer at the time of purchase. The customer enters the Serial Number into an activation dialog on first launch. The software is activated by an online activation server.

Excel Software offers cost-effective, scalable solutions for Mac and Windows software protection, automated online activation and very configurable licensing features.

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