Build and Protect Xojo Software

Software Design, Licensing and Installation for Xojo apps
To build great software, start with a solid IDE like Xojo.

To build a profitable business, use design tools, reusable components, protection and licensing and a Code Signed installer.

Learn more about tools for Xojo developers:

Software Design

Class ModelsDesign software with UML diagrams, then click to generate Xojo code. Extract source code files and UML diagrams from a Xojo project file. Learn more...

Software Components

RbApp Demonstration Video Save project time and money with proven software components for programmable grids, charts, large text editing, drawing views and tool palettes, string and file management, simply high-speed XML.

Learn more about XojoApp Desktop and XojoApp iOS.

Software Protection

Protect the software you create with computer specific activation. Learn more...

Configure and apply almost any type of license or activation process to your software in minutes with the Xojo Plugin. Easily collect Credit Card or Paypal payments from within your Xojo application.

Learn how to Protect, License & Sell Xojo Apps.

Software Deployment

Build a professional, Code Signed installer for your Mac or Windows application in minutes. Learn more about ClickInstall MacOS and ClickInstall Windows. Simplify the user experience and satisfy OS security.

Notarize your macOS software in minutes.