Self Hosted License Server for Internet Connected Applications

License Server for Internet connected Apps
    Cloud License defines simple commands to activate and license an application on Internet connected devices. Any programming or scripting language that can call a URL can use Cloud License. Cloud License Server implements the Cloud License API on your website.

    Cloud License Server is a self-hosted activation server that runs on your Linux or Windows website. Define license types, generate Serial Numbers and manage the server from an Admin application on your Mac or Windows computer.

    Install or run the Admin application on Windows 8.1 to 11 or on macOS 10.14 or later with an Intel or Apple Silicon processor.

    Sell protected apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad or any device.

Cloud License Server

      Activate License with Serial Number
      Collect Customer Data or Control Activations
      Manage Product or Subscription Licenses
      Use Time, Launch or Date Limited License
      Release, Restore, Reset or Suspend
      Enable Paid Features in License from Server
      Offer Customer Email Activated Trial License
      Convert Trial to Product or Subscription
      Use Remote Email Server to Send Emails
      Access Purchased Serial Number from Shopping Cart
      Define License Types and Serial Numbers from Admin
      Manage Online Server from Mac or Windows
      Retrieve Customer Data as Comma Delimited File
      Test License Features from Builtin App Simulator
      Increase Server Capacity as Your Business Grows
      Retrieve License or Customer Data from Server
      Send Activation Email to Customer or Vendor
      Log Outgoing Customer Emails
  • Linux or Windows OS VPS Server
  • Apache or IIS Web Server with PHP Support
  • Hosting Account That Can Run Executable
  • Hosting Account Must Read/Write Files
  • Knowledge to Create Website Directories
  • Copy Files and Set Permissions
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Protect software with Cloud License API. Setup Licenses and Serial Numbers. Sell Serial Number with application download link to each customer.

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