Desktop and Cloud License Servers

Self-hosted servers provide a cost effective license activation and management solution for any company that sells digital products including applications, libraries, plugins, ebooks, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets or games.

Host an activation and license management server on your website running Linux or Windows. Select the server type and size that you need. As business grows, upgrade to a larger server size for the difference in cost. Once your order is processed, simply click a button to refresh your server size and get the increased capacity. There is nothing to download and existing data is retained.

Your Linux or Windows website must be capable of running an executable, reading and writing files and processing a PHP script. If you have basic knowledge of setting up a web server, the provided tutorial should make the process quick and painless. Independent hosting companies offer VPS (Virtual Private Server) websites (cloud servers) starting under $50/year. Many VPS hosting accounts cost more depending on the services they provide.

To order, type the Server Type and Size in the Order Form. For example, the Desktop License Server Starter at $995 supports activation and license management for protected applications created with QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect. It supports four unique license types and can store up to 1000 Serial Numbers or Customer Records for each of those four licenses. The one time purchase never expires so you can use it forever and repurpose the database as desired.

Pick the Server Type and Size That Fits Your Business

Server Size Max License
Customers or Serial
Numbers Per License
License Server
License Server
Demo 1 5 $95 $95
Test 2 100 $495 $495
Starter 4 1000 $995 $995
Basic 20 5000 $1495 $1495
Standard 100 20000 $2495 $2495
Deluxe 250 50000 $3495 $3495