Cocoa UML Class Model

    These class diagrams were created from Apple's Objective-C framework code. The source code was processed by the MacTranslator OSX reengineering tool to extract design information to a text file. That text was imported into the MacA&D OSX modeling tool from which UML class diagrams were automatically generated. The graphic image files below were then exported. This process can be applied to any Objective-C source code or many other programming languages.

    UML class diagrams show each class as a named box connected to other classes with inheritance, interface and aggregation relationships. The relationships between classes form natural clusters that can be easily identified and mapped to diagrams within MacA&D. A large system is represented by several diagrams of clustered classes.

    In these diagrams, we've shown just the class name and relationships. Class attributes and class operations could also be shown. In fact, configuration options allow details like data types, access and arguments to be included on the diagram.

Class Diagrams: