Install QuickTime Plugin

    The QuickTime plugin in Safari is required by some software. On newer Mac computers, this plugin may not be enabled by default. Follow this simple process to enable the QuickTime plugin.

    1. Locate the Plugin Folder.

    Choose Go > Go To Folder from the menu bar in Finder, type /Library/Internet Plug-Ins in the search field, then click Go. The Internet Plug-Ins folder opens.

    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins

    2. Move Files from Disabled Plugins folder.

    Notice several plugin files and a folder named Disabled Plugins. Copy these two files from the Disabled Plugins folder to the parent Internet Plug-Ins folder.

    • QuickTime Plugin.plugin
    • nslQTScriptablePlugin.xpt

    If you are ask to authenticate, click Authenticate, then enter an administrator name and password. Quit and open your browser again. The QuickTime plugin should now be active.