ExcelRT Builder

Open Tool Open Click to open a different project.

Save Tool Save Click to save project changes.

Print Tool Print Click to print.

Simulated Screen Tool Simulated Screen - Click to view workbook on different screen sizes and orientations for mobile phones or tablets.

Save Encrypted Tool Save Encrypted - Click to save the current XML project, then export to a new compressed, encrypted ERT file for customer distribution.

Recalculate Cells Tool Recalculate Cells Click to recalculate all cells on all sheets.

Variables Tool Variables Click to add, edit, view or delete Script variables.

Script Edit Tool Script Edit Click to present the Script Editor.

Script Run Tool Script Run Click to run script for a simulated event or button click.

Sheet Add Delete Tool Sheet Add Delete Click to add, delete or reorder sheets in the workbook.

Workbook Properties Tool Workbook Properties Show or hide sheet column and row headers, scrollbars and gridlines. Rename sheets or make them Visible or Invisible.

Sheet Size Tool Sheet Size Change the number of Columns and Rows on the current sheet.

Erase Cell Data Tool Erase Cell Data Select a Column and Row range. Selectively delete cell properties.

Cell Size Visibility Tool Cell Size & Visibility Change the Column Width, Row Height or visibility of columns and rows.

Cell Range Copy Tool Cell Range Copy Copy selected properties for a range of cells into the clipboard.

Cell Range Paste Tool Cell Range Paste Paste selected properties for a range of cells into the current sheet.

Cell Properties Tool Cell Properties Click to edit cell properties for a selected cell or range of cells.

Range Tool Range Click to add, edit, delete or view named ranges used in formulas.

Format Tool Format Rules Click to add, edit, delete or view conditional formatting rules.

Hyperlink Tool Hyperlinks Click to add, edit, delete or view Hyperlinks assigned to a range of cells.

Table Add Delete Tool Table Add Delete Click to add, edit or delete tables within the project. Tables overlay extra properties on a range of cells.

Sheet Filter Tool Sheet Filter Enable or disable a sheet filter for a range of cells on the current sheet.

Control Add Delete Tool Control Add Delete Click on the screen to add or delete a Form Control. The Add Form Control dialog is presented to define the control name, type, width and height.

Conrol Edit Tool Control Edit Click on a screen Form Control to edit it. Double-click tool to present the Form Controls dialog to Add, Edit, Delete or View all project form controls.

Control Move Size Tool Control Move Resize Click in the top left quadrant of form control to move it or click the bottom right quandrant to resize it.

Cell Control Tool Cell Control Click on any cell to create an inline cell control. A cell control is drawn within a specific cell.

Cell Borders Tool Cell Borders Click on any cell to assign borders to one cell or a range of cells.

Cell Validation Tool Cell Validation Click on any cell to set entry validation rules, input messages and alert messages.

Cell Text Color Tool Cell Text Color Click to change font, size, color, style and other text properties of a cell.

Cell Background Tool Cell Background Click to change background color and pattern for a cell or add an icon.

Sheet Background Tool Sheet Background Image Click to add or remove a background image for the current sheet.

Cell Range Move Tool Cell Range Move Click to move a range of cells and related properties on the current sheet.

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