Everyone Understands Flowcharts

    A flowchart can be used to design or document virtually any kind of business process, troubleshooting guide or computer algorithm.

    Anyone can quickly learn to draw and understand flowcharts. This informal diagram style helps people to visualize and communicate a process, inputs, outputs and decisions made at each step along the way.

Nodes and Lines

    A flowchart is a diagram consisting of nodes and lines. Various kinds of symbols are used including terminal start and stop, process, IO and the document symbol. Lines with arrows connect symbols and illustrate flow direction.

    The exact notation of a flowchart is not standardized, but common conventions are often followed.

Flowcharts Integrate with Other Models

    The Desktop and Developer editions of MacA&D and WinA&D support flowcharts. Flowcharts can be used independently or integrated with all other diagram types, the global data dictionary or requirements.

    Flowcharts support advanced features found in other types of models including design namespaces and scriptable reports.

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