MacA&D and WinA&D Subscriptions

Pick the Platform, Edition, Number of Computers
and Subscription Type That Fits Your Project

Software subscriptions are licensed by calendar month per computer. The first month is pro-rated to the start date.

The subscription price is charged on the first day of the month and can be cancelled at any time after one full month or year based on the Subscription type. With an active subscription, you can always download the latest version.

The Network edition is only available for Windows. It runs on Windows Server in your local network or in a cloud service like Azure or AWS. Use the free Remote Desktop Connection software from Microsoft on any macOS or Windows computer.

WinA&D Network includes the full Developer edition features and allows 3 concurrent user accounts. Add additional users for $50/month. Likewise, WinTranslator Network edition runs on Windows Server on the network or in the cloud. It allows 3 concurrent users. Add additional users for $25/month.

Edition Monthly Annual
Standard $25 $250
Desktop $35 $350
Developer $55 $550
Network $99 $990
$49 $490