Internet Communication on newer macOS Computers

    Apple has made security changes to newer versions of the macOS that affects Internet communication from an application. Within the application's Info.plist file, the NSAllowsArbitraryLoads key must be set to true under the NSAppTransportSecurity key.

    This change may affect Internet communication from any feature within your application including integrated software using a product like PluginXojoQLRT, PluginFMQLRT, Xcode QLRT or XojoApp. Newer versions of Xcode, iOS or 64-bit macOS restrict Internet communication unless you specifically enable it in the App.

    Add this to your Info.plist file.

    Your application should have an Info.plist file (perhaps in the Resources folder). Double-click that file to open it into the Xcode editor. Click the Plus icon to the right of Information Property List and select “App Transport Security Settings”. Now select “Allow Arbitrary Loads” and change the value to YES.

    With newer version of macOS, it is recommended that you use https instead of http URLs when configuring Ticket files that reference an activation server (such as Safe Activation).