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Protect and License Mac or Windows Apps with AppProtect 6.0

Apply a Lifetime or Time-Limited License with Offline or Online Activation

Henderson, NV USA - May 21, 2024 - Excel Software announced AppProtect 6.0 to protect and license Mac or Windows software. AppProtect wraps a compiled application without programming to apply an offline or automated online activation process. On macOS, generate x86 64-bit, ARM 64-bit or Universal binary for Intel or Apple Silicon computers. On Windows, generate both 32-bit and 64-bit EXEs. AppProtect 6.0 now supports time-limited licenses, allows the expiration date of a license to be securely modified or enables the reset of an activated license.

AppProtect works with the companion OfficeProtect product to generate a protected EXE (Windows) or APP (macOS) from an Excel workbook. Once activated to a computer, the workbook runs within 32 or 64-bit Excel on Windows 10 or 11. On macOS 10.14 or newer, the computer requires Mac Excel 2016 or later.

AppProtect 6.0 adds the ability to apply a time limited license that expires on a specified date or time period after activation. Timed licenses can be securely reset or extended with codes entered by the user. Expiration or Reset Codes can be generated by the developer from AppProtect or online from an associated Safe Activation account.

AppProtect can apply licensing to many application runtime environments including Microsoft Excel, Access or ExcelRT. The wrapping process allows a license to be applied to an EXE on Windows or APP on macOS that was created with virtually any type of development environment.

AppProtect can embed static data files into the executable. For an application constructed from an interpreted language or that requires external data files, the unprotected files are no longer visible to the user. Apps created with Unity3D, MAX MSP, Adobe Air or Xojo are wrapped into a single, licensed EXE for Windows or APP for macOS. AppProtect can code sign the application during the build process.

AppProtect wraps an application with an activation process to require a computer unique password or Serial Number on first launch. The software vendor can generate passwords from AppProtect or automate the process with an online activation server. Excel Software offers vendor accounts on the Safe Activation service to automate the Serial Number activation process, manage licenses or automate the payment and delivery process for online orders.

A vendor can self-host an activation server with Desktop License Server running on their Linux or Windows website. In addition to manual or online activation, AppProtect can generate dongle enabled applications. Desktop applications can require that a USB dongle be present in the computer to run. Developers create their own USB dongles with the MakeDongle product.

AppProtect is $495 on either Windows or Mac. AppProtect and generated applications run on all Windows 10 or 11 computers or macOS 10.14 or later. It includes a user guide, online demonstration videos plus royalty-free distribution rights for any number of licensed applications.

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