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ClickInstall Windows 3.0
Builds a Setup Process for Windows Software

Create Custom Installers for any App, Plugin, Document or Game

Henderson, NV USA - Nov 2, 2022 - ClickInstall Windows 3.0 makes it easy to create highly customized, modern installers for Windows computers based on Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) technology. The install process can be customized with messages, scripts or executables that run before or after the install process. Set registry entries, file associations, shortcuts, run shell commands, check for OS, RAM or runtime requirements and even download and install prerequisite software if needed.

ClickInstall combines the simplicity that allows a novice to build their first installer in minutes with the advanced features needed by a power user.

A good installer can reduce support cost, simplify and customize the user experience, add security and make a great first impression. ClickInstall Windows builds a 32 or 64-bit software installer that runs on any Windows computer. Applications, libraries and the installer itself can be code signed during the build process adding credibility for users, web browsers and virus scanners.

ClickInstall 3 adds file associations so a file extension can be presented in explorer with a specific icon and launch an executable. During the installer build process, UPX compression technology can be applied to executables to reduce file size. Installers can be protected with a password or computer unique offline or online Serial Number activation process. Progress indicators and custom screens can provide user feedback during the install process.

Provide user instructions, check computer requirements or confirm a license agreement before installing. Present OS specific messages or Pre and Post install notes. Take the user to your online registration, tutorial or introduction video when the install process is finished. Brand your installer with language specific text, custom logo, icon or background images.

ClickInstall holds data to build up to 200 different installers. Select a record to build a specific installer or batch build multiple installers.

ClickInstall Windows generates royalty-free installers for any number of products with a one-time licensing fee of $395. The product includes a PDF User Guide, short tutorial and online demonstration videos.

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