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MakeDongle Protects Mac, Windows
or Linux Software with a USB Dongle

Use MakeDongle alone or with QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect

Henderson, NV USA - Jan 15, 2021 - Excel Software announced MakeDongle 1.2 that runs on Mac Intel, Apple Silicon or Windows computers. MakeDongle generates a secure USB dongle from a flash drive. The dongle grants a license to run protected software on the attached Mac, Windows or Linux computer. MakeDongle complements a diverse suite of protection and licensing tools.

Protected software can be stored on the computer or dongle itself. On application launch, the dongle is validated before the software is allowed to run. Each dongle can be generated in seconds. When building dongles, MakeDongle can copy multiple licenses, applications or installers to the USB flash drive.

MakeDongle can be used standalone or with the QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect products. It also works with licensing plugins for FileMaker and Xojo. To use MakeDongle alone, add a programming command to Mac or Windows software. Several coding interfaces are supported with sample code provided for popular programming languages.

MakeDongle works with QuickLicense. QuickLicense supports many license types including Trial, Product, Try/Buy and Subscription. Software is protected by adding API programming commands or by using the AddLicense wrapping tool without programming.

AddLicense is a popular choice for runtime environments like MAX, Adobe Air or Unity since application code and resources can be securely embedded within the EXE or APP file. Protected software can only launch when the appropriate dongle is present or optionally require a manual or online activation process. MakeDongle and QuickLicense give developers many options for software and hardware protection.

MakeDongle works with QuickLicenseRT Linux. QuickLicense and MakeDongle run on a Mac or Windows computer to produce a dongle and license files. The protected Linux software works on a Linux computer with the dongle installed in any free USB port.

MakeDongle works with AppProtect. AppProtects wraps Mac or Windows software into a protected application that runs when the dongle is installed. An optional computer unique password or online activation can be required.

MakeDongle works with DocProtect. DocProtect wraps PDF, EPUB, Video, Image slide shows or HTML files into a Mac or Windows application. The protected document can be used on any computer when the dongle is present. MakeDongle, DocProtect and QuickLicense can be combined to support other license types and features.

Excel spreadsheets can be protected using QuickLicense and OfficeProtect to produce an EXE for Windows or APP for Mac. This protection can be combined with a USB dongle to allow the App to run. The application and encrypted data files can be stored on the dongle making them easily portable between computers.

Dongle secured installers can be created using MakeDongle plus ClickInstall on Mac or Windows. The installer only runs if the dongle is present and can be distributed on the dongle itself.

MakeDongle 1.0 is $395 for a Single User License on Mac or Windows. Produce unlimited dongles for any number of products. The product includes royalty-free distribution rights for protected software. MakeDongle MacOSX is a Universal (Intel & Apple Silicon) App that runs on macOS 10.10 or later. MakeDongle Windows runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10. Visit the company web site for demonstration videos and product information.

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