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QuickLicense Server 2.0 Creates
Floating License Server for any App

Generate a License Server and Monitor in minutes for macOS or Windows

Henderson, NV USA - Nov 13, 2018 - Excel Software announced QuickLicense Server 2.0 for macOS and Windows. A developer can generate a vendor-branded, floating license system for their Mac, Windows or Linux applications. Vendors enjoy royalty free distribution for any number of products or licenses. Version 2 was enhanced for the new QuickLicense 9, new Mac and Windows OS changes, adds Code Signing of the generated Server and Monitor applications and uses 64-bit macOS Mojave compliant executables.

A floating license system consists of a License Server, License Monitor and Protected Applications. The License Monitor is used by a customer to securely configure the Server IP address and Port, change the number of purchased licenses or monitor server operation. The License Server silently manages the number of allowed concurrent Apps in use on a customer network.

The QuickLicense Server Windows edition generates Server and Monitor applications that run on any Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer. It can manage protected Apps running on macOS, Windows or Linux computers connected to that network. Likewise, QuickLicense Server on macOS generates a License Server and Monitor application that runs on any macOS computer with 10.10 or later and serves macOS, Windows or Linux Apps.

The MakeServer application provided by the QuickLicense Server product generates the Server and Monitor Apps using a 10-minute point and click process. The macOS, Windows or Linux Apps are protected with QuickLicense using a programming API or point and click wrapping process. QuickLicense can protect and license almost any software including a business application, Unity3D game, MAX MSP music application, Excel workbook, MS Access project, FileMaker application or Adobe plugin. The system also works with DocProtect to protect PDF files, slide shows, video, audio and EPUB files or compiled HTML based applications.

A developer can brand the License Server and Monitor applications with their own file names, icons, user presented Monitor window and dialog text customizations and security features. Vendors can offer and price their products with various numbers of floating licenses. Additional licenses can be securely added to the License Server running at a customer site by typing a code into the License Monitor.

Since QuickLicense Server requires no programming, new revenue streams can quickly be added for existing software products. Applications can be licensed to meet the needs of an organization. Customers enjoy the ability to use floating licenses across all computers on their network with minimal administrative effort and no Internet access required.

QuickLicense Server 2.0 is $995 for a Single User License on either Windows 7, 8 or 10 or macOS 10.10 or later. The product includes a User Guide with step-by-step tutorial. Excel Software provides online demonstration videos, detailed product information, free technical support and secure online ordering.

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