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Excel Software Ships WinA&D 8.2 and
WinTranslator 4.2 Tools for Software Design

Design Software and Output Code or Generate Design Diagram from Source Code

Henderson, NV USA - Dec 12, 2023 - Excel Software announced WinA&D 8.2 for project managers, system analysts, software architects, App designers and programmers. WinA&D integrates requirements management, system and software design, code generation and report building. WinTranslator 4.2 scans source code files to extract design data into class models, data models and structure charts. WinA&D and WinTranslator has enhancements to the user guides, install and licensing process. The new Network edition runs in the cloud with access from any macOS or Windows computer using Remote Desktop Connection software.

WinA&D supports object-oriented, structured, multi-task or database design. WinA&D support the full UML notation plus screen models, flow charts, system models with simulation and BPM (Business Process Models). The Windows desktop application easily scales to large projects, multiple users, distributed team development and can integrate thousands of documents across the development process.

A software designer can choose the best mix of software models and notations for their specific development project including process, data, class, state, structure, object and task models. In addition to language independent models, source code can be generated from models or models created from code. Supported programming languages include C++, C#, Java, Delphi, Xojo, PHP, Ada, SQL, C, Pascal, Basic and Fortran.

WinA&D supports requirement definition, traceability plus user-defined views, queries and reports for managing requirement information. The tool includes scriptable and adhoc reports that cover all models, dictionary, requirements and text documents.

PERT charts allow a project manager to organize, schedule and coordinate tasks within a project. From the master calendar, flip through each month to review the holidays, weekends, vacations and scheduled activities of all employees. PERT charts can be integrated with other project diagrams, dictionary and requirements and included in generated project reports.

WinTranslator scans source code to extract design data. That data is imported into WinA&D to automatically generate class diagrams, structure charts and data models. The project dictionary is populated with design details like data types, method arguments, descriptive comments and links from model objects to associated source code.

WinTranslator supports many programming languages and dialects. Models and dictionary information can be generated from legacy source code, class frameworks, open source and example projects. Use a step-by-step dialog to quickly identify code folders, programming language and options to document an unfamiliar project.

  • UML Class Models from Visual Basic, Xojo, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Delphi or Ada
  • Rich Data Models with Indexes, Triggers, Primary and Foreign Keys from SQL Schema
  • Structure Charts from Procedural C, Pascal, Basic, PHP or Fortran
  • Multi-Level Diagrams with Objects Linked to Associated Source Code for Browsing
  • Data Types, Arguments, Namespaces and Comments Captured from Code
  • Project Scalability to Millions of Code Lines Across Thousands of Files and Folders
  • Automated Structure Chart Generation from Source Code for Each Thread of Execution
WinA&D 8.2 and WinTranslator 4.2 run on Windows 7 to 11. WinA&D Standard edition is $395, Desktop edition is $595 or Developer edition is $995 per computer. WinTranslator is $495 per computer. Each edition is available in a 5-User or Unlimited User Site License.

WinA&D Network 8.2 at $99/month and WinTranslator Network 4.2 at $49/month run on Windows Server or in the Cloud using a service like Azure or AWS. Multiple user accounts can concurrently run the application using free Remote Desktop Software on any Internet connected Windows or macOS computer. WinA&D desktop editions are also available as a subscription starting at $25/month.

WinA&D includes a Setup & Tutorial Guide, Modeling Guide, User Guide and Code & Reports Guide PDF. WinTranslator includes a User Guide PDF with tutorials. Visit the company website for detailed product information or demonstration videos.

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