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QuickLicense 10 Protects
macOS, Windows and Linux Software

License any App, Library or Plugin with Offline, Online or Dongle Activation

Henderson, NV USA - Jan 2, 2024 - Excel Software shipped QuickLicense 10 for macOS and Windows. Configure the activation process and apply a license to any kind of software on macOS, Windows or Linux with a wrapping tool or programming commands (API). QuickLicense 10 adds multi-user licensing for applications running on a local server or in the cloud. New API commands enable licensing of software without a GUI.

QuickLicense on the developer computer defines the license type (Trial, Lifetime, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating), features (feature flags, release, restore, reset or suspend) and activation process (offline, online, dongle or floating). A license is applied to software (application, plugin, library, game or spreadsheet) with the AddLicense wrapping tool or programming API.

QuickLicense related products include wrapping tools, runtime libraries and plugins for Mac, Windows and Linux. Supported development environments include C, C#, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic, Xojo, FileMaker, LiveCode, Electron, Python, Photoshop, Excel, Access, Word, Unity3D, MAX MSP and others.

Licensed applications can use the Safe Activation service or self-hosted Desktop License Server to automate online Serial Number activation and license management. Integration with Paypal, Stripe, Shopify and other online services provide developers with an automated purchase, delivery and licensing process for any type of software.

QuickLicense and associated tools provide the infrastructure to fully automate the purchase and delivery process, installation, activation, protection, licensing and ongoing management of software products. QLRT Xcode 4.1, PluginXojoQLRT 3.1, QuickLicenseRT Linux 3.1 and QuickLicense Server 2.2 have all been updated to include new runtime licensing features introduced in QuickLicense 10.

QLRT Xcode 3.1 allows developers to apply licensing runtime software with a function call from Objective-C and Swift applications running on macOS. PluginXojoQLRT 3.1 delivers runtime software for Xojo built Apps using a Mac or Windows plugin accessed with a function call. QuickLicenseRT Linux 3.1 includes a 32-bit or 64-bit library for licensing desktop or embedded applications. QuickLicense Server 2.2 generates a floating license system for Apps running on Mac, Windows or Linux computers.

QuickLicense provides computer unique licensing with the ability to securely move licensed applications between computers. All aspects of the licensing process including activation, release/restore between computers, feature and subscription management can be controlled by the developer. Manually exchange codes with the customer computer or automate the process with an online activation server.

QuickLicense 10 is $695 for the Standard edition or $995 for the Pro edition on either macOS or Windows. The package includes a user guide, tutorials, online videos, programming code examples, the AddLicense wrapping tool and SendMessage development tool. All runtime files include unlimited royalty-free distribution rights.

QLRT Xcode 4.1 is $495, PluginXojoQLRT 3.1 is $295 for Mac or Windows, QuickLicenseRT Linux 3.1 is $495 and QuickLicense Server 2.2 is $995 for Mac or Windows. Each product includes a user guide, tutorial, demonstration videos and unlimited royalty-free distribution rights for licensed software.

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