PERT Chart

Manage Projects

    Organize, schedule and manage tasks within a project. A Pert Chart has numbered tasks connected by directional arrows that illustrate dependencies.

    Each node contains a brief task description, estimated completion time in days, assigned person plus start and end date. A quick glance shows who is doing what and when.

    Pert charts can be integrated with other project, diagram, requirement or dictionary information and included in project reports.

Holidays, People & Vacations

    Pick your holidays, add employees, assign vacations then organize a schedule that is easy to understand and communicate plus achieves the project goals.

    Name and define each task, then assign responsibility and estimated effort. Create as many diagrams as needed to schedule concurrent projects.


    Click to present the Calendar to pick a start date. End dates are determined based on the task duration, holidays, weekends and vacations you have previously selected. Instantly identify conflicting timelines or overlapping tasks assigned to a person.

Master Calendar

    Use the Master Calendar to flip through each month and see all holidays, vacations, weekends and work assignments for all people and projects.

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