Real World Software Licensing

    To broaden your understanding of the licensing process and show options that may fit your specific needs, consider a real world example. TradeTek is a takeoff and estimating software product for the construction industry. A small general contactor or sub-contactor may work alone from their home office.

    A large builder or lumber yard may have multiple employees working full time on construction estimates. Employees may work from the office, home or job site using Mac or Windows computers. From the job site, a user may review plans, check quantities or show reports to clients using remote desktop from an iPad or Android device. Larger companies may install TradeTek and job files on each user's local computer while others remote desktop into a local server or virtual machine running in a cloud service like Azure or AWS.

    In an organization with hundreds or thousands of employees, people come and go, change roles or computers get replaced. The licensing system must fit the needs of the applications, users and managers.

    Visit this web page for a real world description of various license types:

TradeTek - Takeoff & Estimating

Licensing Examples

    TradeTek Software sells a large software application to estimators in the construction industry. The same product can be purchased with multiple licensing models including a Desktop Product, Desktop Subscription, Desktop Floating and Network Server license. These license options use QuickLicense plus an automated credit card purchase and Serial Number delivery process (Stripe and Safe Activation).

    TradeTek can be purchased directly of through a fully automated reseller environment. Payment splits occur instantly and the same licensing works when automated orders are initiated from the reseller website. The TradeTek application has a built in Plugin/Store environment that includes fully automated purchase, delivery and licensing of third party companion products.

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