Design C# Programs with UML

C# is a modern object-oriented language that supports component-oriented programming with fields, methods, properties and events. UML class diagrams show relationships between C# classes, interfaces, structs and their generic counterparts. Use WinA&D to draw UML models enriched with C# language specific details, then generate C# class declarations and function frames with one mouse click.

Hundreds of megabytes of C# code are available on the internet and within many organizations. To use it, a programmer must first analyze its applicability and structure. Without proper tools, significant time is required to mentally or physically construct a model of how it works.

WinA&D and WinTranslator quickly reveals the structure of any C# program. A developer can see how it works are where changes are needed. Incrementally draw new classes, then click to generate code that perfectly implements the design.

WinTranslator scans C# code to extract design information to a text file. Import that file into WinA&D to generate UML class models.

The automated process takes just minutes to create models from code for a large project.
UML for C# Here are example code to model screen shots of C# and other languages presented as class, structure and data models. A PDF document titled UML for C# shows how to model C# software using UML.