Protect Software & Manage Licenses

Software Protection and License Activation Use QuickLicense on Mac or Windows to protect software and manage any application, trialware, spreadsheet, plugin, library or multimedia license.

The QuickLicense application configures license data and stores it in an encrypted Ticket file. That file and the royalty-free QuickLicense runtime file are deployed with your application. Your application can be written in any programming language.

Protect software by inserting a few lines of source code or by wrapping a compiled executable with the AddLicense tool. Learn How to Protect Software, then watch the Protection and Licensing videos.

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License Types

Software Activation

    QuickLicense supports offline or online Software Activation and can collect customer data during the activation process.

    Compare Activation Methods. To host an activation server on your own website, use WebActivation or Desktop License Server.

    The optional Safe Activation Service automates license management with an online service. Get instant, customized Serial Number activation. Access product and customer data from a secure, online account.

    Each Safe Activation Service Plan has no setup, cancellation or upgrade fee. Automate sales with an online shopping cart.

Protection & Licensing Solutions

    Protect against software piracy with flexible, scaleable solutions:

    AppProtect provides basic application protection on a budget. QuickLicense supports almost any type of license, application, DLL, plugin or vendor customization of the user experience.
    DocProtect protects documents for use on Mac or Windows computers or Android phones or tablets. AirLicense protects Adobe Air applications with drop-in QuickLicense runtime integration components.
    OfficeProtect extends AppProtect or QuickLicense protection to Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents, macros and add-ins. MAX is an interactive programming environment to create Mac or Windows applications that can be protected with AppProtect or QuickLicense.
    QLRT Xcode is a static library implementation of the QuickLicense runtime for Apple Xcode developers. LicenseSupport includes both a task-oriented customer support tool and the Safe Activation API for web or application programmers.
    Android License SDK applies QuickLicense protection and licensing features to applications on Android phones or tablets. PluginFMQLRT applies QuickLicense protection and licensing features to FileMaker applications with a Plugin.
    PluginXojoQLRT applies QuickLicense protection and licensing features to Xojo applications with a Plugin. PluginProtect Photoshop applies QuickLicense protection and licensing features to Photoshop Plugins.
    Cloud License can protect and license apps on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or any OS. CloudRT provides a Cloud License runtime file for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. PhoneGap developers use PhoneGap CloudRT.
    Cloud License Server runs on your Linux or Windows website to manage protected software licenses using Cloud License API. Web License Server runs on your Linux or Windows website to activate and manage Web App licenses presented by SafeWebApp.
    Desktop License Server runs on your Linux or Windows website to manage software licenses using QuickLicense, AppProtect or DocProtect. Safe Activation is an online service to automate activation, license management and order processing for protected software, documents and Web Apps.
    QuickLicenseRT Linux applies QuickLicense protection and licensing features to software running on Linux desktop computers. WebActivation runs on your Windows IIS website to activate and manage licenses for digital products protected with QuickLicense, DocProtect or AppProtect.
    Unity games are protected and licensed with AppProtect or QuickLicense. MakeDongle creates a USB dongle to protect Mac, Windows or Linux software.
    SafeWebApp presents Cloud Apps to users from files stored on any website. Protect Apps with device-specific, Serial Number activation. QuickLicense Server builds a floating license server and monitor for your application in minutes. It runs self-contained on an organization network.
    QuickLicense is the core protection and licensing technology behind many solutions. Developers worldwide protect almost any kind of software for many platforms and environments.

    See the historical progression of QuickLicense 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. Compare features in the Standard and Pro editions.