Payment License Server for PayPal or Stripe

    Automate the purchase and delivery process for any digital product using PayPal or Stripe credit card processing. Distribute and manage Serial Numbers for Desktop License Server or Cloud License Server.

    Payment License Server consists of an Admin application on a macOS or Windows computer that communicates with a server executable on your own VPS or dedicated Linux or Windows server.

    Your customer website requires no ecommerce features, no backend programming or complex APIs to learn. Fill in some screens, upload some files and start selling.

    Sell Serial Number activated software for any desktop or mobile platform.

Payment License Server

      Sell a Perpetual Product or Recurring Subscription
      Paste PayPal or Stripe Buy Buttons on any Website
      Link PayPal or Stripe to PLS without Programming
      Deliver Serial Number by Email or from Download Page
      Add Activations or Features to Existing Serial Number
      Offer Multiple Product Editions with One Installer
      Split Payments between Vendor, Developer or Reseller
      Provide Customer Portal to Manage Credit Card data
      Link PLS to an External Email Server
      Search Transactions Created During Purchase
      Log Daily Events or Retrieve Server Status
      Manually Assign, View and Modify Serial Number
      Retrieve Transaction Data as a CSV File
      Manage Multiple Automated Purchase Options
      Add Server Capacity as Your Business Grows
      Customize Customer Email Communication
  • Linux or Windows OS VPS Server
  • Apache or IIS Web Server with PHP Support
  • Hosting Account That Can Run Executable
  • Hosting Account Must Read/Write Files
  • Knowledge to Create Website Directories
  • Copy Files and Set Permissions
Get Started Today!

Start selling Serial Numbers, Extra Activations or Optional features from any website.

Use With:

Install and run the Admin application on Windows 7 to 11.

Install on macOS 10.13 or later using Intel or ARM processor.