Slideshow - DRM Protection and Licensing

Create, protect and license a proprietary slideshow with DocProtect. Each slide is an image from PowerPoint or any image tool.

With a few button clicks, those images are converted to a slideshow that runs on any Mac or Windows computer with no additional software required.

The slideshow is adjusted to the computer screen and proportional for best presentation or can be resized by the user. Right and Left buttons transition the user through named slides.

Protect and License Application
with Computer Unique Activation

Use DocProtect alone to apply a simple product license. Use QuickLicense with DocProtect to add additional license types, advanced features and language customization options.

QuickLicense can define a Trial, Product, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating license with advanced features like license release, restore, suspend or reset. The same license that protects an application, can be applied to your slideshow, videos or other support files so no extra activation is required.