EPUB - DRM Protection and Licensing

    Protect and license an EPUB file with DocProtect. EPUB 2 is an industry standard digital publishing format. Build a protected Mac or Windows application in seconds that includes your content, an EPUB reader, protection and licensing software.

Build a Mac or Windows
Application from an EPUB File

    Your EPUB file is presented within a reader window that you can name, size and control the resize characteristics. Your EPUB can present a splash screen when launched. The user can scroll through each chapter or navigate with buttons at the top.

    • The Previous Chapter button presents the previous chapter.
    • The Chapter button presents the table of contents with links.
    • The Next Chapter button presents the next chapter.

    The Back and Forward buttons navigate through the view history. Use the scroll bar that appears when positioned on the right edge of the window to scroll through a chapter. The mouse may also support a scroll wheel or gestures to scroll through pages of a chapter.

Protect and License Application
with Computer Unique Activation

    Use DocProtect alone to apply a simple product license. Use QuickLicense with DocProtect to add additional license types, advanced features and language customization options.

    QuickLicense can define a Trial, Product, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating license with advanced features like license release, restore, suspend or reset.

Make it Easy for Customers
To Download and Run One File