Sample ExcelRT Workbooks

    These workbooks are designed to run in desktop or mobile editions of ExcelRT. They demonstrate common spreadsheet features and some are used in tutorials provided in the ExcelRT User Guide.

    All workbooks originate as an Excel workbook that was converted to ExcelRT format using ConvertExcelRT on Windows.

    For the iOS or Android edition of ExcelRT, type the full URL into the Download panel. For example, the full URL for TravelCalc.ert is:

    ExcelRT supports two licensing systems, Cloud License and QuickLicense. All desktop and mobile platforms can use Cloud License.

    Only desktop platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) can use QuickLicense. When QuickLicense is used, the application can support manual, online or dongle activation.

    Several downloadable files are available for each sample workbook.

    • Excel Workbook - The .xlsx file is authored using Microsoft Excel.

    • XML Developer File - The .xml file is generated by ConvertExcelRT for developer use during the conversion process.

    • Encrypted User File - The .ert file is generated by ExcelRT. It is typically used by the developer, but could be distributed to a customer.

    • Application - An EXE runs on Windows. An APP runs on Mac. Both use QuickLicense and can be distributed as a standalone application that requires, includes or embeds ExcelRT. For these examples, the Activation Code is the same as the displayed Request Number.

    • Product - A Product has no extension and downloads directly into the Products screen of ExcelRT on any platform. When used in this way, ExcelRT can host many Products that use any mix of QuickLicense or Cloud License.


    BridgeScoreRank is an App authored with ExcelRT Builder, then built into an EXE for Windows or APP for Mac using QuickLicense. This application is used to enter Duplicate Bridge scores for up to 14 teams and 28 boards. It calculates Match Points, then ranks each team.

    The application is distributed with a Code Signed installer built with ClickInstall. It demonstrates a complete working application with a custom icon, 3 sheet workbook and scripting code. All project files, scripts and icons can be downloaded in a zip file.

    Windows Installer ->
    MacOSX Installer ->
    Source Code ->


    This single sheet workbook contains a table of travel information and calculations.


    This multiple sheet workbook demonstrates various types of financial calculations.


    This workbook generates income statements, balance sheets and cash flow for investments.


    This workbook demonstrates various form controls, filters and a table.


    This workbook demonstrates various consolidated and segmented reports generated from data in input tables. The ZIP file includes the script for each button for use with the XML file.


    This workbook demonstrates an InApp purchase process using either a Paypal payment or a credit card. Download and upzip the Paypal.xml and the associated Paypal.actions file for your Plugins folder. Setup and activate your own QuickLicense or Cloud License based product. Customize the script as needed for your own workbook and license. See the demonstration video.