HTML Protection

Build Protected App from HTML Files with DocProtect Protect and license an HTML based application with DocProtect. Build a Mac, Windows or Android application in seconds from a collection of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and image files.

DocProtect compiles your HTML source files into a single file executable (.exe on Windows) or (.app on Mac) and gives it a custom icon of your choice. Distribute and run it directly from a CD or hard disk by double-clicking. Upload your application to your web site for easy distribution.

Build a Mac or Windows
App from Compiled HTML

Your source project can have hundreds of files and folders, all nicely packaged into one application. Include nested folders and even reference pages on the Internet for a dynamic desktop application.

Protect your source code, increase sales and ensure only licensed customers can use your application. Use DocProtect alone to apply a simple product license.

Use QuickLicense with DocProtect to add additional license types, advanced features and language customization options. QuickLicense can define a Trial, Product, Try/Buy, Subscription or Floating license with advanced features like license release, restore, suspend or reset.

Give customers instant online activation with a vendor account on the Safe Activation service or from an activation server running on your own website using WebActivation or Desktop License Server.