Activation Code Generation Methods

With QuickLicense, create a protective license that can be applied to an application or other types of software. For most licenses, vendors choose an activation process that requires a unique Activation Code to enable the software on each computer.

There are many ways to provide an Activation Code to customers. A vendor can provide Activation Codes by phone or email using built-in capabilities within QuickLicense itself.

Customers with Internet access can get an instant Activation Code 24/7. An Activation Code is granted based on the Serial Number on your CD or download using an online activation server such as Safe Activation, WebActivation or Desktop License Server.

Comparison of Activation Code Generation Methods
FeatureQuickLicense ApplicationSafe Activation ServiceSelf-Hosted WebActivationDesktop License Server
Automated 24/7 Instant ActivationNoYesYesYes
Activation Page Presented on Vendor Web SiteActivation Request page generated by QuickLicense Pro.Yes, optional.YesYes
Vendor Web Development Skills RequiredProvide Activation Codes by phone or email.

Semi-Automated Activation page from QuickLicense Pro.

The Activation web page is highly configurable from vendor account.

No web programming skills are required.

A default web form is presented with an ASP page without additional development.

With additional development effort, the vendor can customize this web page.

No development required.

Server Admin skills are needed for setup process.

Vendor Web Site RequiredNot required.No web site is required.

Vendor can present activation page from Safe Activation directly on the vendor web site.

Yes, activation system is self-hosted and administered. Windows based web server required with ability to run EXE and ASP files.

Alternatively, vendor can present a customized human or web service interface with WebActivationRT.dll.

Yes, either Linux or Windows VPS Hosting account is supported.
Collect Customer Name, Phone, Email, etc. during ActivationA semi-automated Activation web page can be generated from QuickLicense Pro.Yes, with no programming required.This requires additional vendor web development.Yes, with no programming required.
Grant Activation Codes Based on Customer Provided Serial NumberHuman administered.AutomatedAutomatedAutomated
Securely Release or Move a License Between ComputersRequires vendor participation.Fully automated by Safe Activation Service 2 or 3.YesYes
Automated Subscriptions, Feature Delivery, Remote Reset, Suspend and NotificationsManage subscription with periodic code. Enable features with password.This requires Safe Activation Service 2 or 3.Only automated subscriptions are supported.Yes
CostQuickLicense can generate an Activation Code and email it to a customer.The monthly charge has no setup, cancellation or upgrade fee. Eliminate upfront development cost.

The LicenseSupport product presents an API for Safe Activation.

A one-time license fee supports large volume and multiple products.

This option offers flexibility and integration with other business processes.

This option offers a scaleable price based on server size.

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