Build & Sell an App with ExcelRT

Create a Workbook

Author a workbook in ExcelRT Builder or start from a converted Excel workbook.

Add sheets, columns, rows, formulas, colors, fonts, images, conditional formatting, cell entry validation, tables and other spreadsheet techniques to build your workbook.

With ExcelRT Builder, you see the customer experience immediately as you author changes. When you distribute your workbook, there is no Builder tool ribbon so formulas and formatting data are never visible and cannot be changed by the App user.

Customize Your App

Hide column and row headers, scrollbars, gridlines, sheets or specific columns and rows on each sheet. Assign Standard, Calculated or Static sheet types to optimize size and performance.

Add control buttons to run custom script commands that present information or customer entry dialogs, share data through CSV files or read and write files to disk or Internet. Embed dynamic HTML controls displaying local or online content.

The powerful scripting language implements your concept in a cross platform App.

License Your App

Use QuickLicense to define a Trial, Product, Try/Buy or Subscription license. Apply the license to your app with a manual offline activation process to ensure it only runs on licensed computers.

Add online Serial Number activation using Safe Activation to streamline the activation process. Control how many computers can use your App, manage software subscriptions, remotely suspend a license or enable specific features.

Allow your App to be securely moved between computers without human assistance.

Productize Your App

Wrap your workbook, custom icon and license into a professional Mac or Windows application. Add a splash screen, license agreement or other customizations to brand your App.

Add the Open Data File screen to allow a user to create, rename, organize and delete workbook files. Automate the update process so current users can simply click a button to get the latest build of your master workbook.

Customize the Open Data File screen with Purchase, Feedback or a Settings button to collect and manage common data used throughout all workbook files.

Sell Your App

Use ClickInstall to build an installer that delivers your App with the ExcelRT runtime to the customer computer. Code Sign your App to keep Smart Screen happy on Windows, allow Virus Scanners to trust it or notarize it with Apple for a smooth install process on macOS Catalina.

Automate the entire purchase and delivery process. Start the purchase process with a simple Paypal Buy or Subscription button, an online store with a service like Shopify or use the free shopping cart built into Safe Activation.

When the purchase is completed, the customer clicks to download your App. A Serial Number is delivered by Email or presented on the screen to activate your App to their specific computer on first launch.

Provide an automated, seemless process for a customer to purchase, download, install, activate and start using your App in minutes with ExcelRT.

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If you don't need the Open Data File window to create multiple instances of your workbook, use the new AppProtect to build an ExcelRT based App for macOS or Windows. Apply a simple lifetime Product license (no Trial, Try/Buy or Subscription) or allow your App to run without a license.