OfficeProtect plus QuickLicense or AppProtect

    OfficeProtect is a companion product that can be used with either QuickLicense or AppProtect. OfficeProtect works on Mac or Windows computers. Both tools support several activation methods.

Generate 32 or 64-Bit EXE for use with 32 or 64-bit Excel on Windows
Generate APP for use with Mac Excel 2016+ on macOS 10.14 or later
Secure Launch
Additional Protection with Invisible Excel Encryption Password
VBA Access to Runtime Licensing Commands
Open Data File window User Interface for Spreadsheets
Alternative VBA Bound License approach to Protect Office Documents
Optional Splash screen and first launch License Agreement confirmation
Product Activation with Vendor Supplied Activation Codes
Product Activation with Semi-Automated, Self-Hosted Web Page
Online Product Activation with Safe Activation Service 1
Trial, Try/Buy, Subscription & Floating Licenses
License Block, Unblock, Reset and Subscription Codes without Internet Access
License Release, Restore, Reset & Suspend with Safe Activation Service 2 or 3
Manage Subscriptions with Safe Activation Service 2 or 3
Customized Runtime Dialog Text, Messages and Multi-Language Support
Manage Customer Records and Licenses on Mac or Windows Desktop
Floating Licenses on Customer Network with QuickLicense Server
Automated Order Processing with Safe Activation Service 3
Internet Activation with Self-Hosted WebActivation or Desktop License Server
USB Dongle based license using MakeDongle to create your own dongles