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    Excel Software builds Mac, Windows, Linux and Cloud software used by developers and running on millions of computers worldwide.

    Create system models, requirements management, software design, screen prototypes, PERT charts, code generation and reengineering with MacA&D and WinA&D tools.

    Protect and License digital products with offline, online or USB dongle activation. Automate an order process with PayPal, Stripe or an online store. Deliver Apps to customers with a Code Signed, Notarized installer.

Excel Developers
    With 750 million MS Excel users, reach a large market for an Excel based application protected and licensed with OfficeProtect.

    Do your customers work from corporate computers with no ability to download or run EXE or DLL files? Use ExcelCL to protect and license your workbook.

    Spreadsheet authors create standalone Apps that run on Mac, Windows or in any web browser with ExcelRT.

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